We are dedicated to improving your level so you
can crush your opponents.

We start by focusing on how to improve areas of your current game and increase your win rate.
We analyse hands you've personally played and discuss powerful concepts that are not widely understood
in the world of recreational poker.

You'll learn how to play profitable live poker. We'll teach you how to make sure you crush your friends at home games,
intimidate at your local casino and become a feared opponent in card rooms around the world.



Poker is a game of knowledge. The more you learn and know over your opponents, the greater the edge you'll have over them. We make money by making better decisions and fewer errors than the people we play against. We'll show you how to think like a professional and avoid common costly amateur mistakes.


Coaching consists of weekly face-to-face sessions to talk through aspects of your game, weekly primer emails to inform you of key topics that are not widely understood by recreational players (e.g. leading, double-barrelling etc.) and round the clock email access with your coach to analyse hands you're playing.


Just like any discipline, poker is a skill game and if you train at it, you'll get better. When you start to learn more than your opponents, you'll make more money than them. And making money is lots of fun.


We can work however you like. We design the time we have together around you from lessons on fundamentals to analysing hand history and busting leaks.

Most students typically benefit from working on all three at once.


We'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.