Courses are the perfect way to tune-up your game
whilst reviewing core concepts.

A full grasp of these will propel you to poker profitability in small stakes live cash games.

Each individual session lasts approx. 1 hour and we'll email you follow up notes to digest afterwards. We'll also be on hand after the session to answer any follow up questions. Our aim is to be with you every step of the way on your poker journey.


Don't know which course is best for you?

We'd love to hear from you so we can answer any questions you have. It will also give us an idea of your current level so we can recommend the best plan for you.

Often before booking a course, we'd suggest having a taster session so you can get a feel for your coach's teaching style and to make sure they work well with you.


Course Options

Cash game fundamentals (Beginner)


Designed for people who are just starting out with the game. Whether you're ready to explore more serious strategy or yet to play a hand, this course will guide you through fundamental poker topics before you start to develop any bad habits. Typical topics include:

  • The dynamics of no-limit holdem
  • Hand rankings and typical scenarios
  • Introduction to the maths of poker (implied & immediate odds, breakeven amounts, equity, EV)
  • Introduction to pre- and post-flop strategy (opening charts, 3-betting, 4-betting, squeezing, positional play; flop, turn and river basic strategy)
  • Bankroll management
  • Basic hand reading
  • Personal leak busting
  • Handy exercises and quizzes

£600 (DAVE)
equivalent savings of £100

Cash game fundamentals


Explore all the topics of fundamental poker with 7 face-to-face sessions and email
support throughout the week. Typical topics include:

  • The maths of poker (implied & immediate odds, break-even amounts, equity, EV)
  • Pre-flop strategy (opens, 3-betting, 4-betting, squeezing, isolating, positional play)
  • Post-flop strategy (c-betting, double barreling, leading, check-raising, value betting rivers, bluffing, overbetting, limping)
  • Bankroll management
  • Intermediate hand reading
  • Personal leak busting
  • Handy exercises and quizzes

£1200 (Chuck) / £900 (George) / £900 (BEN) / STEVE (£900)
equivalent savings of £150-£200

Tournament tune up
(All levels) 


Tournament specialists Zeph and Ben will take you through adjustments you'll need to make in order to be a successful tournament player across 7 sessions.

  • Stack size strategies, depth groupings, player styles and counter strategies
  • Hand reading and range analysis
  • 3-betting, defending, blind play, situational play
  • Short stack play, preservation, shoving ranges, ICM considerations
  • Stats and understanding HUDs, categorising players
  • Advanced crushing: stack-to-pot ratios, 4-betting, deep stack player, ICM punishment
  • Personal leak busting

£600 (Zeph) / £900 (BEN)
equivalent savings of UP TO £200

Cash game fundamentals


The entire intermediate fundamental cash game course with five additional sessions to cement the knowledge you have learnt. Over these 12 sessions, you'll also get to explore some advanced topics including:

  • Game Theory (GTO), unexploitability, value-to-bluff ratios, adjustments
  • Advanced hand reading and range analysis (combinatorics), balancing.
  • Advanced exercises, hand combination quizzes
  • Mental game (tilt control, mental health tips, entitlement, frustration, reaching your A-game, ego wars)

£2000 (CHUCK) / £1500 (GEORGE) / £1500 (BEN) / £1500 (STEVE)

Conquering mental game

Over the course of 7 sessions, our mental poker specialist Jo will work with you to fine tune your mindset enabling you to reach your A-game and master areas of tilt. Typical topics include:

  • Tilt: reach a state of flow (A-game) more quickly and consistently by delving inside your current mindset and look to solve current tilt problems which are costing you money
  • Focus: establish factors preventing you from achieving total concentration, highlight issues that will help you increase motivation and avoid losing focus through distractions or even boredom
  • Confidence: identify psychological factors that stifle many players with confidence issues and look to eradicate any anxiety causing you stress at the table

£650 (JO, SKYPE) / £800 (JO, FACE-TO-FACE)

Taster and
individual sessions

Before committing to a course, you may wish to have a one-off
taster session to see that you're happy with the way that we work.
We're confident you'll be pleased with our teaching style.

We can work however you like on whatever you like.
If you'd prefer to spend your time purely leak busting and discussing
hand histories, then that's exactly what we will do!

£200 (CHUCK) / £150 (BEN) / £150 (STEVE) / £150 (GEORGE) / £100 (ZEPH) / £100 (DAVE) / £100-£120 (jo) per session


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